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Owner Representation - Swannanoa

Owning commercial real estate is an important investment and the financial implications of a sale or lease can be significant. Commercial Consultants Realty LLC represents owners who are looking to sell or lease commercial property and we have proven programs to assist them in locating a buyer or tenant. Working with you as the owner, we establish the proper value at which to market your property and do a thorough market analysis to develop the best prospects to target with our marketing efforts. We develop marketing plans based on the needs that a property can satisfy and choose the specific programs that are best suited to the property and will most likely facilitate a sale or lease. Our goal is not simply a sale or lease, but to secure the right buyer or tenant for your property. We use a multi-faceted approach and have a significant number of core programs that we automatically implement and an extensive array of other possible marketing programs on hand to choose from. Here is the bottom line though, if you want results you need to choose a representative who will put forth the effort…which is exactly what we do. Using our complete systems approach to marketing your commercial property or space, greatly increases your chances of getting the best sale or lease price in the shortest time with the least hassle. Whether you have an interest to lease or sell, having a trained commercial specialist working on your behalf can be a key factor in the success of your real estate endeavors.

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