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Are you looking to sell or lease your commercial property?

We are a commercial property specialty firm with in-depth market knowledge and the strategies and programs in place to find the right buyer or tenant for your project. When you hire us to represent your interests, you can have peace of mind that we work hard to get results.

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Have you been considering some moves to simplify or expand your portfolio?

Working with a trained commercial-investment specialist who is on your side and representing your interests can be a key factor in achieving your financial goals. As your professional representative, our first responsibility is to you as our client. We provide genuine accountability and are aligned to maximize your position.

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Is your company looking for commercial space to house a small business or a large corporate facility?

We’ll help you find the qualified property or space that meets your criteria. Locating the right space for your business is a critical success factor and should be given the attention it deserves.


Are you an investor searching for a suitable property for a 1031 exchange?

Work with an experienced commercial broker who is knowledgeable about facilitating exchanges! We can help you find a property that has excellent exchange potential.

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At Commercial Consultants Realty, we get it! We know we have to earn your loyalty, and understand the real value you get as a commercial property seller or landlord comes after the listing agreement is signed. The bottom line is, if you want results, you need to choose a representative who will put forth the effort…which is exactly what we do. Using our complete systems approach to market your commercial property greatly increases your chances of getting the best sale or lease price, in the shortest time, with the least hassle.

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CRE News 04.18.20

IRS Extends Deadlines for 1031, Opportunity Zone Investors

Investors who have like-kind exchange or opportunity zone deadlines between April 1 and July 15 now have a little more time to close their deals.

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CRE News 04.04.20

Everything is on the Table as Tenants and Landlords Talk About Rent Relief

Taking a hardball attitude with a landlord could backfire on the tenant. As the coronavirus continues to wreak havoc on the US economy, commercial tenants and landlords around the US are engaging in conversations about rent relief.

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CRE News 03.21.20

Why CRE Isn’t Celebrating the Recent Interest Rate Cuts

While the Fed cut rates again on Sunday, spreads have widened, meaning the cuts will have little impact on commercial real estate deals.

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CRE News 03.07.20

Net Lease Opportunities in Difficult Times

A creditworthy tenant with a certain degree of correction-resistance in its marketing strategy is a fairly sure bet to hedge against the vagaries of the greater market.

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CRE News 02.29.20

Unlocking Value in Class B and C Buildings

Class B and C office buildings traditionally have trailed their Class A counterparts in adopting energy efficiency strategies and green leasing provisions, but they are also the asset class with

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CRE News 02.15.20

Thinking Outside the Lunchbo

A scalable, carbon-neutral street food concept for local communities.

High rents make it hard for independent chefs to open their own restaurants and as a result, the UK’s

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CRE News 02.01.20

New Warehouse Supply Projected to Exceed Demand Over Next Two Years

Forecast suggests boom in industrial real estate is losing steam even as vacancy rates remain historically low

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CRE News 01.18.20

Why Net Lease is the Darling of the Retail Sector

Along with industrial properties, the much-maligned retail sector should be strong in 2020.

Retail may be getting a bad rap nationally, but one observer thinks you shouldn’t paint the entire sector with a broad brush.

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CRE News 01.04.20

Occupiers Opting to Buy Real Estate to Avoid Rent Increases

With average asking office rents across the country up nearly 20% over the past five years, many occupiers are seeking alternatives to leasing space. One option to circumvent paying high rents is for a business to invest in its own building, which entails additional benefits of portfolio diversification and avoiding the need to recognize a lease obligation on its balance sheet as required under Financial Accounting Standards Board (FASB) regulations.

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CRE News 12.21.19

Unfolding Trends That Will Dominate the Next Year

In a prestigious office tower minutes away from Philadelphia’s City Hall in the heart of its downtown, you can find a Primrose school, one of a national system of accredited private preschools. You can also find one at a 53-acre mixed-use community in Brookhaven, GA, which features residential units and 66,000 square feet of retail space.

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CRE News 12.07.19

All Signs Point to a Slowing Industrial Asset Class

The industrial asset class has been the darling of the commercial real estate industry for the last few years, buoyed by e-commerce and other related trends. However, there are indications its growth will slow in 2020, based on numerous statistics.

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CRE News 11.23.19

Foreign Investors Still Love U.S. CRE Assets Even As Prices Rise

A positive interest rate environment is keeping the U.S. on many foreign commercial real estate investors' target lists, even as rising building costs squeeze affordability.

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CRE News 11.09.19

Strong Job Numbers, Earnings Point to a Longer-Than-Expected Runway for CRE

A strong jobs report, the stock market performing at record highs and low interest rates continue to fuel U.S. commercial real estate’s prolonged growth cycle. But overall economic growth has fallen as the year progresses, raising commercial real estate’s favorite question: How much longer can it all last?

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CRE News 10.26.19

WeWork Faces Rising Lease Costs After Failed IPO

WeWork, which has gone from hot startup to bailout candidate in a month, will face a tidal wave of rising real-estate costs that could top $10 billion in the next four years, a result of its growth-at-any-cost strategy.

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