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Commercial Property Sales & Leasing

Are you looking to sell or lease your commercial property?

We are a commercial property specialty firm with in-depth market knowledge and the strategies and programs in place to find the right buyer or tenant for your project. When you hire us to represent your interests, you can have peace of mind that we work hard to get results.

Owner Representation

Have you been considering some moves to simplify or expand your portfolio?

Working with a trained commercial-investment specialist who is on your side and representing your interests can be a key factor in achieving your financial goals. As your professional representative, our first responsibility is to you as our client. We provide genuine accountability and are aligned to maximize your position.

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Tenant Representation

Is your company looking for commercial space to house a small business or a large corporate facility?

We’ll help you find the qualified property or space that meets your criteria. Locating the right space for your business is a critical success factor and should be given the attention it deserves.


Are you an investor searching for a suitable property for a 1031 exchange?

Work with an experienced commercial broker who is knowledgeable about facilitating exchanges! We can help you find a property that has excellent exchange potential.

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At Commercial Consultants Realty, we get it! We know we have to earn your loyalty, and understand the real value you get as a commercial property seller or landlord comes after the listing agreement is signed. The bottom line is, if you want results, you need to choose a representative who will put forth the effort…which is exactly what we do. Using our complete systems approach to market your commercial property greatly increases your chances of getting the best sale or lease price, in the shortest time, with the least hassle.

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CRE News 12.02.17

Longtime Retail Pariah Now A Mall-Industry Darling

Gyms today have secured some of the most prime retail real estate around the country. That was not always the case.

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CRE News 11.25.17

Why Cold Storage Investment Is Booming

Cold storage warehouse investment is booming as demand for e-commerce and online grocery delivery grows.

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CRE News 11.18.17

Self-Storage REITs Slow Down Acquisitions

The self-storage sector has become one of the most attractive investments in commercial real estate, outperforming most others in terms of revenue growth, but in the past few quarters it reached a plateau. Growth in occupancy and revenue has slowed for its major REITs, along with their stock prices. As a result, these companies have slowed down acquisitions. However, that has opened up opportunities for the many private investors that want to jump into the still-vibrant sector.

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CRE News 11.11.17

Strip Malls: The Least Glamorous Segment In Retail Is Among The Sector's Strongest Performers

Retail real estate in 2017 can be best described in two words: “in flux.” Vacancies across the nation have risen as big-box retailers and department stores announced closures and the construction of new product simultaneously slowed. But experts agree that retail real estate’s fundamentals remain strong.

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