CRE News 11.09.19

Strong Job Numbers, Earnings Point to a Longer-Than-Expected Runway for CRE

A strong jobs report, the stock market performing at record highs and low interest rates continue to fuel
U.S. commercial real estate’s prolonged growth cycle. But overall economic growth has fallen as the year progresses, raising commercial real estate’s favorite question: How much longer can it all last?

CRE News 10.26.19

WeWork Faces Rising Lease Costs After Failed IPO

WeWork, which has gone from hot startup to bailout candidate in a month, will face a tidal wave of rising real-estate costs that could top $10 billion in the next four years, a result of its growth-at-any-cost strategy.

CRE News 10.12.19

Baby Boomers Exiting Real Estate with Greater Frequency

The greatest transfer of commercial real estate is underway and largely because the Baby Boomer generation is exiting commercial property ownership with greater frequency as they age out of the business and their adult children would rather have the cash, according to Jerry Fennelly, with NAI Fennelly. Among his current assignments, he recently won a listing to sell a medical office property and additionally, the majority interest of a commercial condo project near the medical office building.

CRE News 10.05.19

Developers See Old Office Parks As Ripe For Residential

Traditional suburban office parks can have a hard time landing tenants in today's market, and developers see adding housing as a way to improve the viability of the properties. EYA Executive Vice President Aakash Thakkar, speaking at Bisnow's Greater D.C. State of Office event last week, said the strategy of building new residential projects on parking lots in office parks, or tearing down the obsolete office buildings and replacing them with housing, has become increasingly common.

CRE News 09.28.19

Don't Hold Your Breath For The Fed's Rate Cuts To Boost The Real Estate Market

The U.S. Federal Reserve is trying to extend the economy’s lengthy growth cycle by cutting interest rates, but the commercial real estate market appears to be greeting it with a shrug.

CRE News 09.21.19

Finest Economic Restoration of a Neighborhood's Former Glory

ATLANTA, GA – Upon reviewing numerous projects across the country for’s 2019 ADAPT awards, we have chosen to select Georgia Avenue in Atlanta, GA as the best economic restoration of a neighborhood’s former glory.

CRE News 09.14.19

How Much Is There To Gain in the Next Recession?

How much will there be to gain in the next recession? Investors are predicting a recession in the next one to two years, and some are waiting on the sidelines to take advantage of opportunities.

CRE News 09.07.19

Smaller Apartments are Doing Big Things for Developers

In cities across the U.S., multifamily developers are finding that building less is doing more.

As rents have increased and urbanization has intensified, developers have responded with smaller apartments, and new analysis shows those efforts are paying dividends.

CRE News 08.31.19

Economists: Next Recession Won’t Cause a Housing Fire Sale

As Recession Fears Rise, Here's the Lowdown for Real Estate

It seems that whenever you pick up a newspaper or turn on the news these days, a scary word hits you in the face: "recession.

CRE News 08.24.19

Cities Push Back Against Dollar Stores in Food Deserts

Is the growth of bargain stores harmful to communities? For dollar stores, there has been no retail apocalypse: The concept has been growing by leaps and bounds, especially in the years since the recession.