CRE News 09.28.19

Don't Hold Your Breath For The Fed's Rate Cuts To Boost The Real Estate Market

The U.S. Federal Reserve is trying to extend the economy’s lengthy growth cycle by cutting interest rates, but the commercial real estate market appears to be greeting it with a shrug.

CRE News 09.21.19

Finest Economic Restoration of a Neighborhood's Former Glory

ATLANTA, GA – Upon reviewing numerous projects across the country for’s 2019 ADAPT awards, we have chosen to select Georgia Avenue in Atlanta, GA as the best economic restoration of a neighborhood’s former glory.

CRE News 09.14.19

How Much Is There To Gain in the Next Recession?

How much will there be to gain in the next recession? Investors are predicting a recession in the next one to two years, and some are waiting on the sidelines to take advantage of opportunities.

CRE News 09.07.19

Smaller Apartments are Doing Big Things for Developers

In cities across the U.S., multifamily developers are finding that building less is doing more.

As rents have increased and urbanization has intensified, developers have responded with smaller apartments, and new analysis shows those efforts are paying dividends.