CRE News 08.26.17

Workers Are Already Pushing Back Against The Office Of The Future

We are constantly told that real estate and technology will interact and fundamentally change the way people work. Big data, smart technology and artificial intelligence are all regularly predicted to have a huge impact on the way offices operate.

CRE News 08.19.17

Welcome to the Gig Economy

If you haven’t heard of it, you will. Gig workers are playing a growing role in how corporate space users are redefining their staffing. While much has been written about how to hire and retain top talent, there is a simultaneous reliance on the utilization of gig—or, essentially, on-demand—workers.

CRE News 08.12.17

The Construction Labor Shortage Needs Major Institutional Fixes

Ask commercial developers in a major market to name their biggest challenges, and the rising cost of construction will be at or near the top of the list. But while the complaints have grown louder in recent years, the underlying problem has been decades in the making, and the current administration's policies only figure to make it worse.

CRE News 08.05.17

Supermarkets Face a Growing Problem: Too Much Space

A massive retail build-out has taken a toll on earnings, leaving the industry vulnerable to closures. Never before in America has so much retail square footage been devoted to selling food—and it is too much.