CRE News 07.22.17

Technology is the Biggest Driver of Change in the Workplace

There is no question that technology is drastically reshaping how and where people work. Employees are not just working from home or the office–they’re working from anywhere.
In fact, technology is now the biggest catalyst of change in the workplace as mobile devices, virtual networks, video conferencing and cloud storage create a “seamless transition from the physical workplace of the 20th century to the virtual workplace of the 21st century,” according to CBRE Research’s latest Global Prime Office Occupancy Costs report.

CRE News 07.15.17

The Real Reason Alternative Lenders Have Become Mainstream

A decade ago alternative lenders, or debt funds as they are more popularly called, were known as the last option for borrowers looking for capital to get a project off the ground. Today these funds are standing toe-to-toe with some of the country's largest banks, and it is not because traditional lenders have ceased to take on commercial real estate debt.

CRE News 07.08.17

Net Lease Cap Rates Beginning To Rise

Cap rates in the single tenant net lease market have been on a long-term slide that eventually reached historic lows, but that era may be over. A boost had been expected, and in the second quarter, rates increased across all asset classes when compared to the previous quarter, according to a new report from the Boulder Group, a net lease firm in suburban Chicago.

CRE News 07.01.17

Research: When a Retail Store Closes, Crime Increases Around

From Boston to Los Angeles, “mixed use” development, combining residential and commercial properties, is on the rise. The benefits that have been cited for co-locating housing and retail establishments include reduced travel distances, more-pedestrian-friendly neighborhoods, and stronger local character.