CRE News 06.24.17

Retail Disruptors

The word “disruption” is gaining popularity these days, certainly in the real estate industry and typically in association with technology. Nowhere was that more in evidence than at last month’s RECon Conference in Las Vegas, the celebration of all things retail, with a particularly heavy emphasis on brick-and-mortar.

CRE News 06.17.17

4 Reasons Why Financial Service Firms Are Growing More Conservative In Their Leasing Activity

The financial services sector, which accounts for a large portion of office real estate absorption, is leasing less space. Financial service firms — which include money managers, banks, insurers, investment funds, stockbrokers and more — have grown increasingly conservative in their office real estate usage dating back to the Great Recession, according to a recent Newmark Knight Frank report.

CRE News 06.10.17

Law Firms Home In On Occupancy Costs

“We are seeing a continued shift to rightsizing and incorporating new workplace strategies that help firms lower the cost of their footprint, while improving operations and client services,” says Cushman & Wakefield’s Sherry Cushman.

CRE News 06.03.17

Net Lease Fitness Centers Continue Flexing Muscle

With the meteoric rise of Amazon and other internet-based retailers over the last five years, many retail buyers are becoming increasingly focused on pursuing investments with “internet resistant” tenants.