CRE News 05.27.17

Widespread Uncertainty Is Helping Commercial Real Estate

If 2015 was the unofficial peak of the commercial real estate cycle, and 2016 was defined by political upheaval, 2017 could be called The Year of Stable Uncertainty.
ACORE Capital co-founder Warren de Haan, whose two-year-old company did $5B in real estate financing deals last year, said most people are asking the same questions in his daily conversations with borrowers, but no one knows the answers.

CRE News 05.20.17

Latest Fed Survey Reflects Slowing CRE Loan Demand

Banks Dial Back Lending as Reduced Risk Tolerance Results in Tightened Credit Standards
With memories still fresh from the 2007 financial meltdown precipitated by unrestrained real estate borrowing, US bank lending officers are showing a reduced tolerance for risk and reporting tightened CRE lending policies - most notably on multifamily lending.

CRE News 05.13.17

Trump's Economic Report Card

It seems a bit early, but one hundred days into the Trump administration, Gallup has issued the results of a poll rating the still-new president on his economic performance. The prematurity of such a poll is marked by the fact that, according to Gallup, “between 25% and 40% of Americans say they don’t know enough to evaluate Trump's performance in the six areas asked about.

CRE News 05.06.17

US Office Vacancy Rises for First Time Since 2010 as Construction Peaks and Rent Growth Slows

Though office rent growth is clearly decelerating, occupancy and rents remain at their highest absolute values on record.

The U.S. office vacancy ticked up 0.1% in the first three months of 2017 to 10.3% marking the first quarterly increase since 2010. Total net absorption in the US office market slipped approximately 9% from the same period a year ago as developers added an additional 19 million square feet of new office space across the country.

CRE News 04.29.17

5 Healthcare CRE Trends To Watch In 2017

Despite uncertainty over the future of healthcare reform, demand for healthcare services will rise within the next few decades. Aging Baby Boomers are demanding more care and will make up one out of every five people by 2050. Since 1993, outpatient visits nearly doubled, according to a report from JLL. Following are five trends affecting healthcare real estate this year.